You may think its funny but it SNOT!
Ben Crane: Western Singer, Songwriter, Entertainer, and Cartoon Artist
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A big hug and hello to you and Sharm and the girls from your cousin Jody. Think of you folks often and decided to do something about it this time. Love your art, your music and you too!
Jody L Boda Ford
Auburn, Alabama, USA .
I just recorded a CD with Ben and would highly recommend him to anyone. He is very fun to work with and yet has an ear for music like I've never seen before. He is completely open to one's own ideas, is not pushy, yet has such great ideas one can't help but use them. His wife is a great cook and a wonderful person. If you can put up with Hawaiian shirts, then he's the right man for the job...
Dan Jenkins
Rush Valley, Utah, USA .
Great show at the Roadhaven resort last night. Ben and Jessica are both talented song writers and performers who have a unique show made for good down home fun and enjoyment. Want something original- Call Ben.
Dennis Stockman
Apache Junction, USA .
LOVE a twisted sense of humor!! My husband and I have been enjoying your cards for years! Hope to get a chance to see your performance one day.
Beverly Forrester
Cornville, Maine, USA .
So here I am at my desk at 3:30 in the morning cause I can't sleep. Thought I might address the 42 emails in my in box. Got side tracked and started looking at Ben's website. Saw the poster about the doctor asking the old guy about his heart. Can't stop laughing and I would like to get back to bed to finish the night with some shut eye. How can I do that with my sides aching from laughter? Ben, when the good Lord was giving out "character" you stood in line twice... :)
Stuart Watkins
Okotoks, AB, Canada .
You did a great show in Wildwood Ben! You and your wife and daughters bless a lot of people. I know you all blessed me. "For the LORD God is a sun and shield: the LORD will give grace and glory: no good will he withhold from them that walk uprightly." Psalm 84:11
Bruce Thomson
Drayton Valley, Alberta, Canada .
Attended your family show last night and wanted to tell you we enjoyed it very much. You had a great show and as well your daughter's did an awesome job of singing and playing with you !! Thanks !
Bruce & Delores Bassett
Melfort, Sk., Canada .
Hey Ben Keep up the good work,like your latest in Cowboy Country Take care Pat
Pat James
Olds, Alberta, Canada .
Yo Ben whats happening, I just attended a Legacy 5 concert and thought of you. Have a good one!!!
Mark Kern
Bismarck, North Dakota, United States .
Sure love your silly songs and stories. Hope to see you soon somewhere.
Joe Lyne
Red Deer, Alberta, Canada .
G'day from downunder.My name is Warren Fuller,I am a volunteer country music presenter at a community station called 2nurfm.I came across your site while searching for info on Kevin Dunn,just played a song of his this past Sunday.Your music looks great,your site has a lot of info,keep up the great work,bye for now,Warren.
Warren Fuller
Newcastle, N.S.W., Australia .
Oh my gosh Ben...I was looking at some Leaning Tree cards today and saw your name as one of the artists so I decided to check to see if it was you...and sure enough it was. I have been wondering lately what ever happened to you after PBI. Send me an email and let me know how you are and what you are doing!! You don't look a bit different in your pictures on your web sight!! Just as much a cutie bug as ever!!! Nice long handle mustache!! By the way...the cartoon you drew called "these are the wonder years...I wonder where I parked, etc."'s a fridge magnet and I bought it because I can really relate to it!!!!
Heidi Davis
Bruneau, Idaho, USA .
We would love to say it was a treat to have a wonderful evening of good clean fun with a very good side of laughs...your humor is one of a kind...and the talent is you and your family...."THANKYOU FOR A GREAT SHOW"....march 27th 2010 ..
Russ & Liz
Delburne, Alberta, Canada .
I love love love all your artwork and music! I have grown up with it. My Dad and You used to be in Gods Country Gentlemen together. I love hearing all the stories and I still love listening to the old tapes that you boys made.
Starlit Lorentzen
Underwood, Indiana, USA .
Hey you guys Rock !!!:)
Tyler Fleming
Rainier, Alberta , Canada .
Just finished looking at the website it looks fantastic. It is an honor to know you and get to play with you every once in awhile. Keep up the good work.(If you can call it work) Just looks like you having too much fun. Adios amigo. GO FLAMES GO!!!!!!!!!!!
Tommy G
Canada .
Turns out I've been listening to your music since I was a little girl (not to make you feel old or anything). I really enjoy your music and lyrics for the songs you have written, and your song selection of others. My 5 yr old daughter often requests the "Loading Chutes Song" for a lullaby and I think that's pretty special. Your songs have also been helpful when I'm nervous riding a colt! Somehow singing relaxes us both. Thanks
Amy (Thompson) Boettcher
Two Hills, AB, Canada .
Hi Ben Crane, I hear you're coming to my part of Alberta. Good news! Looking forward to seeing your show at Rich Lake, April 4. Mereline Griffith
Mereline Griffith
Bonnyville, Alberta, Canada .
We loved you in Sidney tonight! Thanks for comming. We would love to see you again. Have a safe trip home to the frozen Tundra.
Randi Hass
Sidney, MT, USA .
Caught your show in Youngstown last evening. You and the girls are truly a great fsmily performance. It has been a long time since I have enjoyed sitting so long and laughing so hard. Next time have John supply cushions. It was great and your musical ability was outstanding. Thanks for a great evening.
Terry McMahon
Consort, Alberta, Canada .
hey daddy!!! love youu!!! you're awesome!!
canada .
just wanted to say that u and your family are truly inspirational and i saw your act at a salers beef meeting, edmonton. i was inspired by your art for i to like to draw cartoons. thank you for your inspiration and hope to see more of your amazing paintings. randi 8)
randi-lyn voss
hythe, ab, canada .
Just caught your show at the Ranfurly fair and really got to see the true colors of Ben Crane..You and your family are truly an amazing act..Take care and keep up the western spirit.
Innisfree, Alberta, Canada .
Hello Ben and Sharmon! What a wonderful time we had with you both at the Sandy Creek Gospel Jamboree. Your time you spent with us is priceless and I can't keep my hands off that book I got! It's awesome. Talk to you soon! Jenna Bolerjack
Jenna Bolerjack
Oklahoma City, USA .
Hey Ben, its Vern's son. Your genius with those pictures always (uh, I mean never) ceases to amaze me. And we need your music at the Hanley Cowboy School! You wouldnt need to ride to gather the roping steers, we could just play your CD's at the gate! Seriously though, great job on both. I LOVE THE ONE CHEEK SNEAK! May the prairie breeze always be at your back, Will Ballantyne, AKA Willy the Kid
Will Ballantyne
Saskatchewan, Canada .
High school seems like it was so long ago... then again, I s'pose it was. Saw you on the line-up for the Sandy Creek Gospel Jamboree this summer, I'm gonna do my best to get there & say "HAY"!
Doug Nielsen
Regina, SK, Canada .
I was surf'n the net and got a little homesick when I came across one of y'alls cartoons. Glad you are still bringing people to tears. With humor is what I meant!
Janice Williford
Odessa, TX, USA .
Hi Ben, Thanks for joining usfor the 4th Annual Outlaw Days Festival in Coronach. You provided us with first class entertainment and it was a pleasure having you and your family. All the best to you!
Giselle Wilson
Coronach, Sask, Canada .
Thanks for sending the print Ben. Us Drygulchers got together an' tore a couple of boards offen an ole outhouse to make up a frame fer it. Looks great in the line shack out back o'th' place. We un's got the Winchesters out t' defend it, couple a' rustlers tried hustlin' it. We are thinkin' about adoptin' the "One Cheek Sneak" as our anthem. Best wishes from The Drygulchers Shootin' Team (all four point 6 members)
Sandy Post
Kynoch, Ontario, Canada .
Just wanted to say hello!
Beaconsfield, Qc, Canada .
IT was cool that you came to my school SCA. Thanks for a great day. Donovan,Grade3
Donovan Allen
Sherwood Park, Alberta, Canada .
HI Ben..great website! You won't remember me, but I met you about 25 years ago (I'm dating myself!) at PHS in Three Hills..I was visiting a friend who went to school there..anyhow, we wrote for a while, and you sent me a calendar all those many years ago...I said when I saw it "this guy's going to be famous" looks like I was right! Your work is amazing... God Bless, Holly Cameron Tofino, BC
Holly (Perrin) Cameron
Tofino, BC, Canada .
Hey Ben, missed seeing you at Stampede this year, but I sure look forward to seeing you at the Prairie Christian Academy Athletic Banquet! You are one of a kind:)
Bobbi Cullum
Three Hills, AB, Canada .
Hello Ben. I'm Sera, Kevin Dunn's Daughter. I remember meeting you when I was a little girl. Your drawings are amazingly Cute. best wishes.
Sera Dunn
Victoria, B.C., Canada .
I was just doing some searching on the net and came up with your name. Remember chatting with you often as you would walk by our home in 3 Hills as you were growing up, good to find out how you are doing. Marilyn (Fredlund) Rempel.
Marilyn J. Rempel
Swift Current, Saskatchewan, Canada .
Hey Ben, I'm sitting here listening to your CD and missing western Canada. Thanks for the touch of "culture". Your missionary friend.
Rich Peachey
Kandern, Germany .
hey Ben, I was just wondering if you still do the calandar with Brynn? I'd love to get a couple. Thank so much! Jessica Unger
Bowden, Alberta, Canada .
Hi remember me From the Big Vally 4-h Hourse Club at stettler at cowboy poitry.
Jeremy Boulding
Big vally, canada , Alberta .
Got the card "You go, girl", framed it and hung it in our bathroom. Everyone gets a good chuckle. Hope to see you at one of your shows this summer. Best to you and your family. God Bless. Jo and David
Jo Manuliak
Lake Audy, Manitoba, Canada .
Howdy Ben, Well you signed my guest book so I thought it would be polite to sign yours. I have not seen or head of you since we were all entertaining at the Miracle Ranch in Washington State back in 2002. I enjoyed your show and meeting you there. I have been super busy and now getting ready for the big Idaho State Cowboy Gthering this Memorial Day weekend. You can find it at I'm sure the crowds would have enjoyed you. Smehow we all seem to have lost touch and gotten very busy. Til our paths cross again. Via Con Dios, Rudy Gonzales
Rudy Gonzales
Eagle,, Idaho, USA .
To Dad: I love you. this is a cool website. Kirsten and I saw it and we like it --Steph To Mr. Crane. I like your art. --Kirsten
Your daughter, Stephanie
Canada .
I like your pictures!!
canada .
Things I learned about Ben Crane 1. He don't eat much. 2. He can sing without moving his lips. 3. His wife needs to pick up his underwear with a 5' pole. 4. He won't catch an alligator by hand. 5. Other that that-he's a pretty good fellow, songwriter, and singer. Thanks for the book and CDs
Ray Gilchrist
Plaquemine, Louisiana, USA .
Mr. Crane - I just wanted to let you know you did a fantastic job in Baton Rouge - at Bluegrass on the Bayou. Your performance was great and kept us all laughing. We do appreciate it very much and hope you come back down next year. Thanks!
Connor Ingram
Baton Rouge, US .
You hew wounderful sense of humer and I love your art I wish you an yours well
Fridrik Bridde
Reykjavik, Iceland (ísland) .
Great pic's, had me in stitches from the get go...keep up the good work! Nyowa, FortMcMurray, AB
Nyowa Leffler
Fort McMurray, Alberta, Canada .
Hi Ben Love your art,poetry and wonderful sense of humer! We met you at a Banif cowboy poet thingy, and you did a sketch of my sweetheart and I. still have , still enjoy it. Your a special Talent!!
Barry Robinson
Calgary, Alberta, Canada .
Hey Ben. It's Lacy from the Lakedell Beef Supper. You did a great job at entertaining us and I hope that we will see you again. I love your songs and cards. See Ya later.
Lacy Wilson
Canada .
Hey Ben. Love your cards! Your music was great at the Lakedell Beef Super. Hope you had a great time! Just wanted to say how great your work is and your songs. Seeya.
Jody Wilson
Canada .
I am in the 4th grade and am reading the book Little Jakes Cowdog. I live on a ranch, ride steers, rope with my dad. I like your drawings. Hope to meet you someday.
Ryan Kesl
Tendoy, USA .
loved this site,very funny!
Bruce, Canada .
I just wanted to wish you and yours well in 2005 and to thank you for sharing your site with us ...offering to me your uplifting encouragement simply by being yourself ... much appreciated. you have been someone I have admired and appreciated...thankyou .. I have found from you great encouragement which has helped me to stay on track with my own cartooning and art works. God bless...X
vivian mcclure
duncan, bc, canada . ( inrepair)
Looks Great Ben! Loved looking through your pictures.
Karen (Kesterke) Fenton
Calgary, Alberta, Canada .
Sherwood park, Alberta, Canada .
Hey Ben, My name is Jayce wilson You've probably heard the name before, I am the grandson of Kieth Wilson the stirrup maker neat site and art work keep on drawing! Jayce
Jayce Wilson
Okotoks , Alberta, Canada .
Holy cow! We really enjoyed watching you horse around at the Southern Alberta Pioneer's round-up Nov 6. And talking with you afterwards was the bees' knees. May God bless you and your barn yard for a hundred years ... and a day (no one should kick the bucket, bite the dust, buy the farm, on their birthday).
Michael and Valerie
Calgary, AB, Canada .
missed you not being at maple creek this year.awesome site,matches your talent.see you down the road.
jack humeny
eatonia , sask., republic of western canada .
Hey Ben! I havent talked to you in sooooooo long!I really like your site its super cool!
Hannah Banana
McCall, Idaho, USA .
love the pics...
Cold Lake, Alberta, Canada .
I am stuck here in the house working on a computer but the job got a whole lot nicer when I stuck your "When Cowboys Rode As Kings" cd in my old player. Kind of a nice place to be now and I find myself thinking you are one talented young man. Would like to complement you and Mark on the nice job y'all did on your site. It is a privilege to work with such talented people. Lynn Scott
Lynn Scott
Innisfail, AB, Canada .
Great new site Ben! Lots to see, lots to hear - I will be here for a while!
John Makinham
Winnipeg, Manitoba, Canada .

Ben Crane
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