You may think its funny but it SNOT!
Ben Crane: Western Singer, Songwriter, Entertainer, and Cartoon Artist
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The central Alberta resort town of Sylvan Lake commissioned Ben to do a life size bronze sculpture for their Milennium Celebration back in 2000 (pending a positive outcome of Y2K...). This impressive sculpture, entitled Birth, depicts handing off to the younger generation; the mother mermaid is tentatively letting go of her protective hold on her child, who is already looking excitedly to the future. A water fountain is incorporated into the monument, adding life and sparkle to the overall project.

It can be seen across from the library, just north of the tracks, about 2 blocks from the beachfront Lakeshore Drive.



This cute but shocked little feller is reeling after trying to drill into some hard-veined old coot whose veins have quit long ago. His beak is bent and crooked, and it's probably the last hole he'll ever drill. Entitled Hardening Of The Arteries, this limited edition bronze mosquito sculpture measures 14W x 21L x 9H, mounted on a walnut and rawhide base. Edition - 6. Price - $2450. Contact Ben for availability.


Ben Crane
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Lunch Crew - by Ben Crane
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