You may think its funny but it SNOT!
Ben Crane: Western Singer, Songwriter, Entertainer, and Cartoon Artist
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Now with Rural Voices

We recently joined Rural Voices, a Green Hectares program, which is a unique registered speakers bureau geared towards and designed specifically for rural and agricultural audiences across the country. My people. It has become increasingly clear to me that my motivational message about not having to be perfect in order to be useful (my left hand being gimped on account of Thalidomyde) seems to be a big encouragement to folks, so we are looking at adding motivational speaking to my roster of services. Several other speakers and agencies have recently expressed their opinion that I should get into this, so here I are. The music of course will still play a large part in the speaking engagements. I have no idea where this will go but if this fits in to what you're looking for with your event, simply go here to get the ball rolling.


Ben Crane
Phone: (403)-729-2747
Lunch Crew - by Ben Crane
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