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Foxworthy Crane Redneck cards have launched!

The brand new Leanin' Tree Redneck line of cards featuring America's favourite comedian Jeff Foxworthy and the exclusive art of yours truly is on shelves now.

After months of prep work, including three straight months of my own personal head down and butt up to provide 48 new illustrations, the lineup is finally a reality. These cards promise to be a hit wherever they are sold. Jeff has been an established comedian for over 25 years; indeed the top-selling comedian in US history. In spite of that he's about the most humble human bean I've ever met, and we both look forward to many years of collaboration.

Look for this lineup which includes greeting cards, coffee mugs, fridge magnets and list pads, in your favourite store or purchase online here.

Here is a short video Jeff shot for folks to get a little taste.

Retailers - if you want to add this line to your store click here.


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