You may think its funny but it SNOT!
Ben Crane: Western Singer, Songwriter, Entertainer, and Cartoon Artist
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Christmas show with Eli Barsi

We are excited for this show - Eli and Ben go back at least 25 years, to the original Canadian cowboy poetry gathering days in Pincher Creek and Maple Creek. She travels extensively, both sides of the border, and has spent quite a few years with the Sons Of The Pioneers and others in Branson, MO. The two friends have kept in contact as their careers grew and expanded, now they appear together in what promises to be a fine evening of traditional and original Christmas music full of Eli's charm and energetic performance, Ben's twisted rural humour, and Jessica's musical prowess. Talk about a thorn between two roses! They have chosen the performing arts style venue of the Withrow Church with its soft seats and nice lighting. Advance tickets are available here.

Weds, Dec 6, 2017, Withrow Church, Withrow AB


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