You may think its funny but it SNOT!
Ben Crane: Western Singer, Songwriter, Entertainer, and Cartoon Artist
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To book a show

Our show is a concert-style atmosphere, where house lights are dimmed, the bar is shut down, and folks can sit back and enjoy the entertainment with no extra distractions other than the incredibly hansum feller up front. Full of clean rural humour and easily suitable for all ages, the show is decidedly western, geared to agriculturally-savvy folks or those who wish they were. It's a cultural experience; one gentleman, introducing me just as we went onstage, told the audience that the reason he booked us was because their community needed some culture, and I was the one to bring it because I had it growing all over me.

I never bill myself as a comedian because that leaves no room for a deep serious tune. The songs range from old to new, fast to slow, goofy to serious, and although it's primarily one acoustic guitar and one fiddle, the use of different tunings keeps things fresh and eclectic. Screen-projected artwork accompanies the music - the most unique feature of our show. Our youngest daughter travels with my wife and I, adding fiddle and vocals and making me look a lot better on stage.

We supply sound, stage lighting, screen and projector. We require only two separate circuits of 110V electricity.

Although we have performed outside occasionally, we don't as a rule take that type of venue simply because of lighting and temperature/humidity issues. Outdoors is too bright for a screen and the temperature and humidity fluctuation that happens at any given minute wreaks havoc on an acoustic instrument. It's no fun for anybody involved.

Our show comes in two lengths; one hour with no intermission, and an hour and a half with intermission, your choice.

We supply poster templates, photos and bio information here. Feel free to use this information to help promote your event. I am available for media interviews as well.

To book us, simply call or email for rates, date availabilities, and your event information. We will complete a simple booking contract, email it back to you, and when your deposit cheque has arrived back at our office with your signed copy of the contract the booking will be confirmed.

Media Kit

We are pleased to supply you with promotional materials to help advertise your event. For downloadable posters, photos and biographies head over to our Media Kit.


Ben Crane
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Lunch Crew - by Ben Crane
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