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Ben Crane: Western Singer, Songwriter, Entertainer, and Cartoon Artist
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Jinglebob Music Studio

Jinglebob Music houses a homey boutique recording studio designed to bring together smaller budget and big sound. Specializing in - but not limited to - the country genres, both acoustic and electric, we have access to many top session players in western Canada, Nashville and Branson. Utilizing the Mac platform and LogicPro with a 16-channel Focusrite Scarlett preamp audio interface, we use analog and MIDI to capture what you need with a clean, professional sound. Mics include an Avantone CV12 large diaphragm tube, a modded Apex 460 large diaphragm tube, as well as medium diaphragm, several condensors and of course the standard workhorse Shure SM57 for amp cabinets.

Jinglebob's engineer, Ben Crane, has been involved in the recording industry for over 30 years, starting out in the analog world of 8-track half inch tape on a Fostex reel-to-reel. Sitting for years in the producer's chair beside many excellent Alberta engineers such as Steve Rendall, Eldon Winter, Craig Learmont and Martin Zinger has given him the opportunity to learn the finer essentials in recording. He's watched the digital age sneak in and take over but has learned how to maintain the warmth of analog. He's not a fan of over-producing and pitch-correcting, preferring instead to keep the living room in the music. He'd rather capture the heart, soul and emotion of the take even if it means keeping the mistakes, than to scrub it clean and give you a sterile but emotionless end product.

One of our greatest assets is that we are a one-stop shop. In addition to engineering services, Ben also produces, arranges, plays sessions on a wide variety of instruments, offers professional graphic design for your packaging, and full duplication services.

The building is a brand new custom designed douglas fir square log cabin with a kick-back atmosphere in a stunning ranch setting overlooking 150 miles of Canadian Rockies. We can also put you up in our bunkhouse and feed you while you're here. And nobody's got sick yet.

Call or email for rates and more information.

Samples of songs recorded here:


Just A Little Love Song, written by Rhonda Pisanello, performed by Ben Crane.


Poor Boy Mansion, written by Merle Haggard, performed by Ben Crane.


Call This Christmas, written and performed by Chelsea Cunningham.


It's The Season, written and performed by Debbie Bergeron.


The Love Of God, written by Frederick Lehman, performed by Rob Shields.


Christmas, written and performed by Chelsea Cunningham.


Don't Wanna Work The Farm, written and performed by Dave Reader.



Ben provides his clients with highest quality musical productions, every project has seasoned musicianship and unique, lively arrangements. Ben is a wonderful cat to deal with. He handles himself with the highest professionalism, yet remains humble.
    ~Dwayne Harder, audio mastering engineer, BC

Working with Ben is an absolute enjoyable experience, he has a creative approach in the studio that gives his projects added colors that very few are able to obtain. I also enjoy our conversations and his zany sense of humor. Ben's love of life and faith would leave anyone he contacts with a smile!
    ~Bruce Hoffman, studio musician, performer, Mel Tillis' fiddle player, Branson, MO

“I have tons of positive comments and not enough time to say them all.  Love the Dobro and the B3 (you don't hear those together much).  The percussion is great and I love the harmony singing.  You've done this before aintcha?”
    ~Jim McLennan, session guitar player, Alberta

“What a mind-blowing experience this has become! I haven’t stopped listening to the songs, lol. Sat up ’til after 1am listening on headphones, just so happy with what you have made both of my songs into and can’t wait to hear what’s yet to come!”
    ~Rhonda Pisanello, songwriter, Alberta

“I am ever so grateful to you for your expertise and patience in my projects. You come up with such great ideas, you are a master at what you do and I really love working with you. Sure had fun on this one but probably not as much fun as the next one.”
    ~Dan Jenkins, recording artist, Utah

Being relaxed and comfortable in a studio environment is important and Ben will bring out the best in you for sure.  He really can do it all — and at high efficiency, high quality standards.  His mutli-instrumental talents will astound you and I was honored and blessed to have his wonderful instrumentation throughout my recording project.  He seems to know innately what you and your music is all about and puts the perfect production around your basic song. There’s nothing this man can’t do, and all of it at a high level.
    ~Jim Reader, recording artist, Alberta

One of the best parts of my recording journey was working with Ben Crane in his studio.  I could say alot - Ben is truly one of a kind! I would like to express a very heartfelt thankyou to him not only for his many talents, but also for his genuine kind heart and spontaneous humor - a great combination! The whole recording studio experience was an interesting learning curve that I enjoyed immensely!
    ~Sandi Manderville, recording artist, Alberta

Working on a project with Ben Crane is FUN. His artistic ideas and his vivid imagination are all tied to his ears. I appreciate his unique and fun approach to recording, way more fun than practicing at home alone. Bring your slippers.
    ~Dwayne “Snoof” Neufeld, session steel guitar player

I've listened closely to many of Ben’s productions and when I’m considering a track for airplay the production quality must be first class. Ben’s arrangements, musicianship and sound quality is always the best. He has recorded many artists and he knows how to bring out their absolute best!
    ~Hugh McLennan, host of syndicated radio show Spirit Of The West

Ben Crane produced four albums for us since 1998. He contributed by playing Dobro, guitars, piano, accordion, bass, and vocal harmony on each project. His knowledge of music and sound reproduction made the albums a success. It was a pleasant experience working with him.
    ~Fred Dobirstein, songwriter and recording artist, Alberta

We at Praise Radio are honoured to play artists songs that have been recorded at Ben’s studio. We would never hesitate to recommend Jinglebob Music Studio for any of your recording needs.
    ~Byron Fester, Praise Radio, Alberta




Ben Crane
Phone: (403)-729-2747
Lunch Crew - by Ben Crane
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