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Tim and the Glory Boys

When rednecks have way too much fun.

My neck is just a little red. Maybe a lot. Growing up in central Alberta it's kinda hard not to. I spent my childhood with my family camping, fishing and hunting all over the foothills past Sundre and Caroline, where I got my first deer. We hunted pheasants in the coulees near Three Hills where we lived at the time, and broke horses, and reloaded shells, and rolled snowballs as tall as we were off the cliffs above Teepeepole Creek.

We loved life outdoors, and loved loud music. I remember many times as kids we would bring friends over late at night after a hockey game, drag Mom and Dad out of bed to build bowls of popcorn, or make pizza or tacos, and we would jam in the living room. Mom even sat behind the drums one time at about 3 in the morning although she probably denies it. Our neighbours were all geezers, so deaf came in real handy for us.

To me one of the defining characteristics of a redneck is an innate zest for life. Common sense is a standard, and the enjoyment of life is a byproduct.

Common sense is a standard, and the enjoyment of life is a byproduct.

And that pretty much sums up Tim and the Glory Boys.

When we first heard The Glory Boys, several years back in Edmonton when they opened for Chris Tomlin, I was impacted by the realization that these guys absolutely love life and squeeze everything they possibly can out of it. They don't care what you think about what they look like - ain't that obvious - and their upbeat attitude is infectious.

Tim and I realized that we knew of each other a million years back when Starfield recorded their first album in Three Hills. I was in the studio at the same time producing an album for somebody, so our paths crossed in the hallways, kitchen and lounge. Back to the present, Colin was happy that someone could visit with him about Dobros, so we quickly became friends and have stayed in touch regularly. Colin texted me the other day while they were at a western store in Colorado somewhere, looking at my Leanin' Tree cards and my Wild West deck of playing cards.

When they pass through our neck of the woods we tend to get together and the gathering is never quiet. But we kinda bale what each other is swathing and it's good to know that there are some good, upstanding young fellers spreading some real catching enthusiasm wherever they go, and now are starting to spread it further on the airwaves. Check them out whenever they come through your area, and listen for their singles on country radio, and look them up on Instagram. You'll get to know these guys and find out that they're definitely worth supporting.

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