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Duo Show Description


Ben and his daughter Jessica have a rich soothing sound with flavours of folk, roots and jazz. They are equally at home in both small community halls and large performing arts venues, and are happy to adjust their set lists for church concerts. Jessica has a strong influence on their powerful yet mellow sound, so it is not western in style, although it's not uncommon for some of Ben's music and screen-projected art to slip in. They perform on a wide array of instruments including acoustic guitars, viola, cello, Dobro, mandolin and pennywhistle.


The show is specifically designed for an intimate concert feel with the house lights dimmed and the bar closed for the performance, providing that personal connection with Ben and Jessica.  



Technical and Space Requirements


We supply sound, stage lighting, screen and projector. We require only two separate circuits of 110V electricity on stage.  Although we have performed outside occasionally (such as music festivals), we prefer not to take that type of venue because of lack of screen visibility and  acoustic instrument temperature/humidity issues.

We have a large variety of gift items featuring Ben's artwork and their music available for sale.  If possible, we would request a 4 x 6' space during Jan-Sept, and a 4 x 10' space during the Christmas season (October-Dec) with access to a power outlet.  We are self contained with  all tables and lights needed.  If  you are doing a fundraiser or offering a door prize, we are pleased to donate a packaged print and/or CD.  Just talk to  Ben when we get there.


Our show comes in two lengths; one hour with no intermission, and an hour and a half plus intermission, your choice.


We supply poster templates, photos and bio information, available below.  Feel free to use this information to help promote your event. Ben and Jessica are available for media interviews as well.

Total cost includes the performance fee, travel and 2 rooms (billeted or hotel).  To book Ben and Jessica, simply call or email us with your event information and request for rates and date availabilities. We will complete a simple booking contract, email it back to you, and when your deposit cheque or e-transfer has arrived back at our office with your signed copy of the contract the booking will be confirmed.

Downloadable Advertising

11 x 17" Poster

This 11x17" poster comes with a large area for you to set your own event time-date-location particulars. It is a large hi-resolution PDF file. Most folks have their local quick print outfit download it, add the details of your event, and print as many copies as needed. Posters are a key ingredient to successful promotion of your event, and this provides a simple and cost-effective way to accomplish that.


Hi-Resolution Photos

High Resolution Photos


Use any of these photos for your advertising.

When you click on them, they will be automatically downloaded. 


Sometimes it is hard to know what to say in an introduction.  You may find this a good starting point for your Emcees.

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