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Jinglebob Music

Recording Studio

From Inspiration to Reality


Jinglebob Music provides everything you need to get your recording project off the ground, whether it's a single, EP or full album.  We offer accommodations and meal packages in our guest suites for up to two couples, in addition to engineering, producing, consulting, session musicians, mastering, support for licensing paperwork and registering your music, album cover design and photography, and manufacture of cds. 


About Jinglebob Music Recording Studio

Jinglebob Music houses a homey boutique recording studio designed to bring together smaller budget and big sound. Specializing in - but not limited to - the country genres, both acoustic and electric, we have access to many top session players in western Canada, Nashville and Branson. Utilizing the Mac platform and LogicPro with a 16-channel Focusrite Scarlett preamp audio interface, we use analog and MIDI to capture what you need with a clean, professional sound. Mics include an Avantone CV12 large diaphragm tube, an American-modded Apex 460 large diaphragm tube, as well as medium diaphragm, several condensors and of course the standard workhorse Shure SM57 for amp cabinets.

Jinglebob's engineer, Ben Crane, has been involved in the recording industry for over 30 years, starting out in the analog world of 8-track half inch tape on a Fostex reel-to-reel. Sitting for years in the producer's chair beside many excellent Alberta engineers such as Steve Rendall, Eldon Winter, Craig Learmont and Martin Zinger has given him the opportunity to learn the finer essentials in recording. He's watched the digital age sneak in and take over but has learned how to maintain the warmth of analog. He's not a fan of over-producing and pitch-correction, preferring instead to keep the living room in the music. He'd rather capture the heart, soul and emotion of the take even if it means keeping the mistakes, than to scrub it clean and give you a sterile but emotionless end product. Excellence trumps perfection.

One of our greatest assets is that we are a one-stop shop. In addition to engineering, Ben also produces, arranges, plays sessions on a wide variety of instruments, offers mastering, professional graphic design for your packaging, assistance with reproduction rights, and full duplication services. He even makes your coffee.

Studio Tour


The building is a brand new custom-designed Douglas Fir square log cabin with a kick-back atmosphere in a stunning, quiet country setting overlooking 150 miles of Canadian Rockies.

The recording all happens on the main floor in an acoustically treated open concept control room featuring a cozy gas fireplace, comfy leather couch and an Arizona-themed isolation booth.  A wraparound outside deck provides a vast view of the mountains on a clear day, and the coffee is always on. Everything here is designed for unimpeded creativity.


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